HumanN Turmeric Chews Review

HumanN Turmeric Chews Review


  • Affordable at $25.95 per bag with 30 chews
  • Uses turmeric extract instead of a classic powder
  • Can help you reduce joint pain to some extent


  • Lacks core ingredients for connective tissue healing and overall joint health
  • Turmeric Extract alone won’t provide drastic effects on joints and cartilage
  • Does not use black pepper extract for increased bioavailability
  • Contains 3g of added sugars per serving

HumanN Turmeric Chews Review Summary: HumanN Turmeric Chews is a dietary supplement featuring 30 chews per bag. They come with an orange citrus flavor, which some people might look forward to taking. The main active ingredient inside is turmeric extract, an ingredient that can help reduce joint pain to some extent after a period of time.

However, HumanN Turmeric Chews would be way more effective if they used more well-studied ingredients that would help with connective tissue healing and inflammation reduction such as bromelain, selenium, or MSM.

Also, we’ve noticed that the formula doesn’t contain black pepper extract, which is known to help with the absorption of nutrients such as curcumin within turmeric. All in all, we’ve seen better supplements on the market with richer formulas.

Information About HumanN Turmeric Chews

HumanN Turmeric Chews is a dietary supplement that comes in the form of chews, with 30 chews per bag, with an orange citrus flavor. These should last you for a month. HumanN Turmeric Chews are claimed to help you with:

  • Reducing joint inflammation
  • Antioxidant support
  • Getting rid of joint pain
  • Making you more flexible

However, do they really work? Can they help you get rid of joint pain and make it easier to exercise normally again? We’re about to find out. Let’s check out which ingredients the supplement uses!

The Ingredients in HumanN Turmeric Chews

HumanN Turmeric Chews Ingredients

HumanN Turmeric Chews use only one active ingredient, a turmeric extract, at 300mg per serving, which is an optimal dosage. We’re quite satisfied with the fact that it uses an extract instead of a classic powder. But, what’s the difference between those two?

Turmeric Extract vs Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a spice and its main active compound is curcumin. Curcumin is one of the most potent and studied curcuminoids, pigments within turmeric. The main difference between turmeric extract and turmeric powder is that the powder comes with a way lower curcuminoid content (around 3%) than the extract (around 95% curcuminoids). So, the turmeric extract is more potent than the powder.

For example, if a supplement uses mostly turmeric powder, it’s better and cheaper to simply buy a bag of turmeric in a local grocery store.

Curcumin within turmeric is responsible for many benefits such as improved heart health, fighting free radicals, reduced joint inflammation and pain, and immune system support.

However, one ingredient is not enough if you want fast and substantial results. Many key ingredients are missing from HumanN Turmeric Chews that would make it a far better supplement. There are 3g of added sugars per serving, which is also disappointing.

Ingredients such as such as glucosamine, bromelain, selenium, or MSM could have been added to make the formula more effective for joint health.

Also, the product does not contain black pepper extract which would help with the absorption of curcumin. All in all, we’ve seen more effective supplements on the market.

How to Take HumanN Turmeric Chews?

Take 1 HumanN Turmeric Chew daily. Do not take this supplement if you’re under 18 years of age.

Are There Any Side Effects of Taking It?

HumanN Turmeric Chews shouldn’t cause any side effects with the dosage provided. Just make sure to not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Consult with your doctor if you’re not sure whether this is the right supplement for you or not.

Customer Reviews

Out of all the customer reviews we’ve seen on sites like Amazon, HumanN Turmeric Chews mostly had positive feedback. There is some dissatisfaction as with any product. Let’s take a look at some of these reviews:

“I have added this to my list of supplements. Flavor is good, easy to chew. Good for my health. I recommend them.” – BJ

“I was only able to take these a few days because I could not get over how it stains your tongue and teeth. Also stained my toothbrush!” – Andria

“No change is a theoretical view of symptom relief. Maybe just not the formula my body needs. To me, it was not cost-worthy. You never know till you try.” – Jeff

Pricing & Overall Value for Money

HumanN Turmeric Curcumin Chews are currently unavailable on Amazon. However, they’re available on the official website for the price of $25.95 per bag and in Walmart for the price of $24.95. Considering that these chews would last you for a month, they’re affordable. The value could be better.

Wrapping Up

With everything being said, HumanN Turmeric Chews is a decent turmeric supplement. If you want to get some turmeric with a high amount of curcumin into your system, then this supplement is for you. It could help alleviate joint pain to some extent in the long run as well.

However, for more comprehensive joint care, there are too many ingredients missing, and those seeking substantial results could be disappointed with this one.

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