Doctor's Best MSM Review

Doctor’s Best MSM Review – Does it Work?


  • A good deal – $13.99 for a container with approximately 80 servings
  • Uses MSM that can help you reduce joint pain to some degree in the long run and support your cartilage health
  • Can help support your skin, nail, and hair health for faster growth


  • Uses only one active ingredient in the formula
  • MSM is over-dosed
  • Could cause some side effects if you’re sensitive
  • Lacks a lot of ingredients that would increase its potential in improving joint function and reducing inflammation

Doctor’s Best MSM Review Summary: Doctor’s Best MSM is a dietary supplement mainly intended to support your joint health. More specifically, to help improve your flexibility and get rid of the pain and inflammation.

It can help you alleviate joint pain and decrease other arthritis symptoms to some extent, but because it uses only one active ingredient in the formula, which is MSM, this supplement is not the best solution for your joint health. The reason is that you can’t rely on one single ingredient and expect drastic improvement.

MSM is overdosed in the supplement, and it lacks a lot of other ingredients that would enhance the product’s potential in reducing inflammation and promoting connective tissue healing. With that being said, Doctor’s Best MSM is far from the best supplement for joint health on the market.

Information About Doctor’s Best MSM

pport your joint and skin health. It comes in a powder form, with 250 grams of powder per jar. There’s another alternative on the market called Doctor’s Best MSM Glucosamine Chondroitin that comes in a capsule form, but today we’ll keep our focus on the powder. More specifically, Doctor’s Best MSM Powder is claimed to help you with:

  • Improving your joint mobility
  • Protecting cartilage
  • Reducing joint pain
  • Healthy skin, hair, and nails support
  • Supporting your immune system

But, can this supplement fulfill all of the above? There’s only one way to find out. Let’s check out the ingredient formula to see how effective it really is!

The Ingredients in Doctor’s Best MSM

Doctor’s Best MSM, as the name says, contains only one active ingredient which is MSM. (OptiMSM)

MSM is a compound with anti-inflammatory properties containing sulfur. Studies have shown that it’s quite beneficial for joint health, more specifically, it can reduce the risk of inflammation and increase mobility by keeping your joint tissue healthy. Also, it can increase collagen production in the body, which leads to healthier bones and joints.

There’s 3000mg of MSM in Doctor’s Best MSM Powder per one serving. That is a huge dosage, however, it shouldn’t cause any major side effects if you’re a healthy person. But, we’d prefer if the MSM dosage was smaller in this supplement for safety purposes. If the formula included a couple of other potent ingredients for joint and cartilage health in smaller doses, instead of just MSM with a huge dosage, the supplement would be far more effective and safe in the first place.

How to Take Doctor’s Best MSM?

The manufacturer recommends mixing 3 scoops into 8 ounces of water or juice once a day.

Are There Any Side Effects of Taking It?

As for the side effects, Doctor’s Best MSM uses a huge dosage of MSM – 3000mg per serving. If you’re a sensitive person, this supplement could cause some side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, bloating, or stomach discomfort. You might want to try taking less powder to decrease the daily MSM intake.

That way, you will minimize the chances of any potential side effects.

Always consult with your doctor before taking this or any other supplement. Avoid supplements in general if you’re taking medication, have a condition, or if you’re pregnant.

Customer Reviews

We went through some Doctor’s Best MSM customer reviews on Amazon. Most reviews were positive, while some users complained about the overall effectiveness.

“This helped grow my hair faster and made my hair softer than normal.” – Jayanna

“It has only been a month and I haven’t really noticed that much of a difference. Would I repurchase? Not sure” – Amazon Customer

Pricing & Overall Value for Money

Doctor’s Best MSM is currently available on the official Dr. Best Vitamins website for the price of $13.99 for one container. It is relatively inexpensive if you’re looking specifically for MSM benefits.

Wrapping Up

All in all, Doctor’s Best MSM could help you alleviate joint pain to some degree and support your cartilage health. However, because there’s only one ingredient in the formula, we don’t recommend this product as a long-term solution for your joint health. We don’t think you’ll notice some drastic changes.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking specifically only MSM and its benefits, this product is relatively cheap and could be worth it if you can tolerate a slightly higher dosage.

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